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i never invited the media to my teaparty

"when living life behind a mask you cant expect to know yourself."

i can stand on my own two feet, without high heels
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are you tired of constantly being told how to look and act by the media?

you're not a barbie doll. you're not there to be looked at, you're there to see and be heard.
you dont have to act like a man to be a feminist. you can just be a girl. isnt that good enough?

we're about
riot grrls, anger, activism, protests.
being motherly, being strong, and helping people.
teaparties, stuffed animals, flowers.
sticks, stones, and dirt.
eating disorders, self-esteem, plastic surgery.
faerie tales, flying, beauty.
playing dressup, wearing makeup, and clicking your heels.
unconventional beauty.

you cant sit around all day waiting for him to come. so chop off your hair and weave yourself a ladder and see the world.

this is a place for girls (and boys too) who feel completely crushed by all the stereotypes and judgements that get thrown at them.

so write, rant, encourage, help, and just tell them to shut the fuck up about home economics.


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its tiny for your useinfo!


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your mod/administrator is atomic_panda. she is nice and friendly and will not bite you if you email her with a question.

and that is me.