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introduction and jumpstart

quick intro:
i'm 21, i'm a girl, i live in sunny southern california, i go to school, i'm single, i'm pale, i'm vegetarian, i'm happy. i love bright colors, beauty, long flowing skirts, art, the earth, tofu, conversations. i hate societal pressure, familial pressure, menstrual cramps, homework, ignorance, rude questions, hypocricy.

this community seems sort of dead...? too bad. i really like it. i just joined, and wanted to blab, so nyah. i always have a lot of things to say, but no one really to listen to me...as a result, i seem like a shy person, as i'm always thinking to myself about certain important/beautiful/silly/strange/wonderful/awful things. i don't mind. i love myself, and i think it's fine that i'm comfortable being alone/lonely. i go to school full time. i'm majoring in mathematics right now, but i'd rather be majoring in art. i chose mathematics because it seemed like a stable/reliable sturdy foundation for my life...it's logical, constant, rational, factual...but i am not those things...art...ahhhh. art is my one true love. i'm in love with colors not numbers. since i must devote so much time to my schooling, i'm beginning to lose touch with my artistic side, and i can just not have that! but, as a bright light at the end of the tunnel, summer is fast approaching, so i will have a few months off from school to decide which direction i should pull the reins toward on my life.

on appearance:
i'm 5'2", hair--naturally strawberry blonde...currently hot pink, 10 piercings, high undercut, blue/green/gray eyes. i've had my hair pink for so long, but i think i'd rather go back to a more natural color, i'm thinking dark brown. i'm feeling sort of muted right now, and the bright pink is very distracting.

i still love myself nonetheless, and i just wanted you all to know.

this is me:

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