kkkkkatrina (sky_bluepink) wrote in girl_not_barbie,

co-mod application

i think that 3 is probably a good number. i hate choosing though. so as memoriesofyuna has already come to me asking to be a co-mod, two people will be chosen. AND you get to vote. so. heres how you do it. you fill out the application, posting it in a seperate post, with co-mod application as the subject. people can comment and say whatever theyd like but they do not vote by commenting. then, after such a period of time, i will compile the names of everyone who applied and there will be a formal vote.

application deadline is June 22. (subject to change)

so here it is:

why do you think you would make a good co-mod?

are you better at organization than i am? (hopefully this is a yes)

do you think we will work well together?

what are your beliefs and viewpoints on feminism?

what is one thing you know that you think we should know?

what is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

any other comments?

so there you go, fill it out and post it and don't take it too seriously.
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