Speed of Square One (speedofsquare1) wrote in girl_not_barbie,
Speed of Square One

Yarrr mateys!

Yup, I'm a dude.

I joined this community because my eyes have been opened in the past two years to the complete and drastic difference in treatment, societal structure, and other elements of social LIFE in general towards those that don't fit a certain physical norm.  My eyes have been opened because of my loving and beautiful wife, who in her opinion is fat and not as attractive.  She is beautiful.  Every day.

Aaaanyway, since we've been together I've gone shopping with her for clothes or out in general and see the way in which she is approached versus the way other females are approached.  I'm not talking about whispering about "the fat chick over there" or staring at people, I'm talking about something more than that.  The entire structure is strange.  Now, in a physical sense my wife is not that overweight however you wouldn't know it judging from all of the stores we have to check for something decent or the way in which advertising works, etc.  We go into a department store and have to look for the darkest, dingiest, cobweb investingest corner of the damn store to find clothes that are her size and when we do find them, they're so incredibly ugly that she screams and runs away.  (She's so cute!)

I'm here to gain insight, offer my support (and my wife's), and most of all LISTEN because I think a difference can be made in how the world works.  If I learn, as I have been, to see other sides to other stories.....I think we all might.

Thanks for reading all that crap.
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